GTA V Social Club Features Revealed

Rockstar has finally revealed the Rockstar Social Club features and bonuses for Grand Theft Auto V. These features include:

  • gtav_smgAssault SMG: Automatically unlocked for all Social Club members in Grand Theft Auto V Story Mode, the Assault SMG is a high-capacity submachine gun that is both compact and lightweight. This powerful weapon holds up to 60 rounds in one magazine. The gun can be picked up from your local Ammu-nation.
  • gtav_annisAnnis Elegy RH8: The coveted Annis Elegy RH8 sports car is unlocked exclusively for Social Club members to hit the streets of LS & Blaine – available for use in both GTAV and GTA Online.
  • gtav_haircutsExclusive Haircuts: Unlock new looks for Franklin, Michael and Trevor to rock – including a handlebar and tuft patch for Trevor, a full beard and shaved head for Michael, and a tight afro and goatee combo for Franklin.
  • gtav_performanceCareer Stats & Player Customization: Nothing like having the hard evidence to back up your braggadocio. The Social Club GTAV website features highly-detailed and up-to-the-minute performance tracking to keep a record of your criminal exploits with rich personal stats for missions, heists, weapons, vehicles, mini-games, sports, finances, and achievements. Completionists can leverage the extensive checklist as an essential tool to achieve that elusive 100% completion.
  • gtav_snapmaticSnapmatic: The Snapmatic photo-sharing app available from your in-game iFruit phone in GTAV makes it a cinch to snap and share that picturesque view from the peak of Mount Chiliad, the fifty car pile-up you engineered on the road to Fort Zancudo, that wild fistfight you stumbled into between Piswasser’ed derelicts at the local 24-7, or any of the creepy, leering pictures you took of the hard bodies at Vespucci Muscle Sands. Rockstar Games Social Club members can upload photos from their in-game iFruit phone to a special Snapmatic page at the Social Club website and add hashtags or share out to other social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Stay tuned as well for some special Social Club Snapmatic photo competitions to be announced.
  • gtav_lifeinvaderThe Lifeinvader Social Network: Get Social Self Respect™ on the Lifeinvader network. Social Club members can log in to to Stalk some new friends from Los Santos and Blaine County as well as a few favorite local brands, shops and services to get special exclusive offers to be redeemed in Story Mode.

Even more features will be revealed soon for GTA Online. Want to benefit from all these features? Join the official SPG crew here.

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2 Comments on “GTA V Social Club Features Revealed”

  1. alex b
    September 14, 2013 at 11:39 am #

    so do they give us redemption codes for these things or are they just there all ready

    • September 14, 2013 at 11:57 am #

      I would assume that once you link your PSN ID or Gamertag to Rockstar Social Club that it will automatically unlock in-game.

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